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Lauritzen & Makin is an established millwork manufacturing company that specializes in the quality production of stunningly beautiful custom products with commercial durability for your venue. Our expertise dates back to 1912 when we began building superior quality custom store fixtures for a national retailing giant. We later expanded into corporate products, and in the 1980’s, began working with a major restaurant chain to develop bars and tables that would combine striking beauty with exceptional durability and dependability.
As a custom house specializing in small production runs, we can create precisely what you need – when you need it. There are no minimums. This customized approach allows L & M to meet exceptionally high quality standards; to respond to short lead times; to offer design flexibility; and provide finishes with superior durability. You benefit from our experience in working with intricate projects such as massive conference tables, or incorporating hot, cold and wet kitchen equipment into beautiful cabinetry. Our knowledge, combined with skilled millwork, gives you the quality performance you expect from such an important purchase.
VENDOR - small millwork packages; ”roll-out” concepts and high-profile fixture pieces.
All products are built and finished at our shop, from the rough cut lumber to the final topcoat. By working with individual owners as well as chain companies, we are experienced in a variety of protocols necessary for “roll-out” situations including overseas shipments
For the Architect/Designer and Contractor — we cooperate with booth and chair manufacturers and other millwork companies – to provide specific finished items to the project that combine superior durability and the desired appearance. “Millwork control samples” can be issued to achieve a unity of color and finish throughout your project. This “Separation of Millwork” ensures that the project benefits from experience in all areas while keeping within the budget. These planning details can give your completed project the extra design sparkle and long lasting quality.
FINISHES… beautiful ,successful and rated #1 by AWI for hardness, clarity and chemical resistance.
Colors — All our stains are resin based mixed with commercial dyes and colorants . All are custom mixed to match your sample or specified color.
Clear Top Coats — These commercial products are applied in a controlled environment. They are offered in 2 durable strengths - heavy and light duty.

“Heavy duty’ is standard on all BAR TOPS and TABLE TOPS, and can be requested for any other product. This top-coat is an Italian catalyzed urethane distinguished for its clarity and durability without high-build. It is resilient to impact, scratch resistant, alcohol and waterproof, and tested to tolerate extreme heat. Available in a Natural/Satin sheen, as well as semi or high-gloss.

“Light” is generally used on Vertical Surfaces, Cabinetry and Fixtures. It is a pre-catalyzed lacquer fortified with urethane and is resistant to chemicals, water and wear.
Quotes, Delivery and Installation… Quotes are provided from a design, dimensions and material description. Most products can be shipped in 4-6 weeks, after final approval. Lauritzen and Makin offers full and partial installation; or a “provide only” basis.
Request To Bid… We respectfully request that you include us whenever you are seeking “millwork and furnishing bids” on your projects. Thank you.

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