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Saddle Rack Kit

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Premium Ash or
Mahogany Wood

The Ultimate Saddle Rack

Near Perfect. The Exclusive Trophy Saddle Rack
From Lauritzen & Makin

Your favorite saddle may symbolize the greatest ride you ever made; or, perhaps a lifetime of great rides. Whether it’s a magnificent trophy saddle or your old faithful standby, it deserves more than being hung from its horn, thrown over a barrel or left to sag and disfigure on a wooden or metal rail.

Give it the support and respect it deserves!

This unique and exclusive handcrafted saddle stand provides natural and complete support of your saddle while adding a stunning display to your home or office. It’s the perfect resting place for that hard-earned trophy saddle or an elegant reward for your “Old Faithful”. Remove the saddle and it becomes a spectacular piece of warm, rustic furniture.

Features of this beautiful new stand include:

• Sits And Feels Like A Horse – The comfortable and natural feel comes from a unique combination of horse anatomy and expert craftsmanship. The patented design is based on actual measurements taken from a horse, then meticulously integrated into a contoured model that replicates the height, slope and shape of the horse’s withers and the width and contour of its back, barrel and loin. It provides a natural resting place for your saddle while fully supporting its original shape.

• Strong And Versatile - Ideal for personal or display/showroom use. The sturdy, heavy-duty frame easily supports the heaviest saddles. With or without a saddle this is a beautiful peice of furniture!

• Ventilated For Fast Drying

• Superb Craftsmanship
–Made from premium quality Ash or Mahogany.

• Specifications - 33” tall in front; 30 1/2” tall in back; 19” wide; and 22 3/8” long; weight, 38 pounds. Wood end pieces are a sturdy 1 1/2” thick, center support section wood pieces are 1” thick.

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