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As Close To The Back Of A Horse As You Can Get

Here’s a versatile and brand new concept in saddle stands – one that’s ideal for personal or display/showroom use. The innovative design incorporates the actual shape of the horse’s body to provide natural and complete support of your saddle.

Features of this innovative stand include:

• Sits And Feels Like A Horse – The comfortable and natural feel comes from a unique combination of horse anatomy and expert craftsmanship. The patented design is based on actual measurements taken from a horse, then meticulously integrated into a contoured model that replicates the height, slope and shape of the horse’s withers and the width and contour of its back, barrel and loin. It provides a natural resting place for your saddle while fully supporting its original shape.

• Strong And Versatile - Ideal for personal or display/showroom use. The sturdy, heavy-duty frame easily supports the heaviest saddles.

• Ventilated For Fast Drying

• SUPERB CRAFTMANSHIP –Made from premium quality Baltic Birch wood

• Specifications - 33” tall, front; 30 1/2” tall, back; 19” wide; and 22 3/8” long; weight, 26 pounds.

• Your Choice Of Colors – Natural, Chestnut or Walnut

• Easy Assembly – instructions included.

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Premium Baltic Birch Wood