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Slab Bar Tops Made Of Thick Solid Hardwood. Combining old method craftsmanship and technology with new chemicals produces superior quality bar tops with lasting beauty. We use traditional methods to cut and glue our 11/2” x 2” solid lumber stick to produce custom lengths and shapes. The tops are machine and hand-sanded then finished with new and superior Italian stains and clearcoats. Our catalyzed urethane is clear with a natural feel. It is alcohol and waterproof, resilient to impact, resistant to scratching and tolerates extreme heat. It will last for years. All bar tops come with stainless steel shot rails
Wood Selection
A choice of Ash, Red Oak, Ponderosa Pine, Mahogany, Cherry, Pecan or Maple.
Bar Configurations
Linear – “horseshoe”; “L” (right or left)
Curves and Radius shapes – require architectural drawings by us or others.

NOTE: Curved and radius bars over 12" require additional architectural drawings

Bar Edge Profiles
Select from the following profiles or ask about a custom design.

#1 Bullnose
1" R. Roundover, No Lip

#4 Bullnose
Half Round and Trim

#5 Bullnose
Traditional Profile

#6 Bullnose
Roundover with Apron for Inset

#7 Bullnose
2" R. Roundover and 1/2" Lip

#2 Flatnose
Roundover and 1" Lip

#3 Moosenose

#9 Moosenose

#8 Thumbnail